Hi! Here are some of my answers 2 the most mundane questions we all get tossed in our faces.


   TIMELESS: I never believed in the Age Cage. As a kid performer in NYC, I learned to say ďIím between 8 & 12ĒÖ while I thought ďHi, Mr. Director! How old do you want me to be?Ē Ergo! I learned early to never lock myself into any limitation closet - digital or traditional. I refuse to buy the social illusion that I was ever too young to accomplish anything or too old to dare igniting my heart-felt passions.

   Fear constantly tries to scare us out of living in the moment of joy via spooking us into either looking forward to reaching a designated age, or dreading leaving a particular digit. Fear Freezes us into living in the fictional history of What-Was, or in the fantasy future of What-Might-Be according to some arbitrary number.

   Luv liberates our spirits from that toxic trap.

   To me, obsessing over a trivial detail such as the age of our body is one of the wackadoodlest time killers our society invented. Think about it: when people ask: ďSo, how old are you?Ē Ö I figure they are really asking: ďSo, how old is your body?Ē Many years ago, I used to say: ďIím 793, in Earth time considering my incarnations Ö or maybe a bit older. Iíve never been too sure about that Tasmanian life-trip.Ē

   My heart feels we were not created to make our joy of life & luvability contingent on a digit - be it on a scale, a height chart, a clothing size, a bank account or a birth certificate.

   When asked my age, I say: Iím timeless & eternal, arenít we all?


   EARTHIAN. As I observe, every puzzle piece on our globe holds a wonderful message & discovery-in-waiting. Itís our choice whether we embrace it or luvingly explore it, or let Fear shut off our Heartlights. I choose to explore.

   Territorial boundaries have imprisoned our souls as spiritual siblings, separated us from our connection as One Great Godian Gang, & caused Fear to guide our Globe for so many centuries.

Fear freezes our spirit. It wants us to live as competitors.

   Luv liberates our spirit. It frees us to live as a complimentary society sharing a cooperative spiritual quest. Ergo! I donít buy into political & social quarantining based on which territorial puzzle piece we happened to be on during this particular incarnation.

   Perchance if we lowered the barbwires that surround our hearts with fear of lack & illusionary differences, the puzzle pieces would be free to link & reveal the true picture for our individual & collective reason for existence.

   Perchance, we might all understand & remember why we are alive Ė which I believe is to Luv ourselves & one another as-is, & to have every thought, action & re-action illustrate the finest aspect of our Beingness, & to realize how much easier it is to live in Luv, Peace, Joy & Harmony Ö as long as we donít choose to struggle in the quick sands of fear.

   We are all One in this together Ö otherwise destiny would have created us as One Person Per Planet. Camp Earth! What a magnificently challenging Game Board for us to all play together as the family we already are.


   HEARTIST: Why? Simple, because everything I create comes through my Heart. For me, all creativity pours through my passion for Life & Luv.

   Throughout my journey, many observers have been dazed by my prolificness in so many arenas. I feel itís the natural result of creating without fear or judgment -from others & myself, & having no doubt in exploring & utilizing the Universal Tool Kit we all bring with us.

   As long as we choose to DOUBT, weíll never DO.

   Ergo! When we DO what we naturally enjoy & what we have a natural affinity for, we discover we have all the energy in the world to accomplish ANYTHING & EVERYTHING ... & as a bonus: we discover that influential opportunities & financial benefits spontaneously appear to cushion the creative course.

   I ought to know, Iíve been traveling this Passion Path since my 7th year, & for me, itís the only way to soar, professionally, spiritually & joyously.


   GODIAN. I choose to keep Luv simple. Thus I go direct dial. Why on Earth would I relinquish my own spiritual responsibility (as in my ability-to-respond) by detouring through another mortal who has their own agenda to deal with?

   Why would I ask them to resolve or mediate a natural call to God who is accessible to each one of us?

   I see that denial of our Godian Link as the ultimate wackadoodle Telephone Game.

   Oh! When I say I am Godian, Iím not referring to any organized anything ... the last thing this planet needs is another religion to serve partial truth on trays of Fear & Guilt. So many deaths, heartaches & confusions have been generated since religious competitiveness was created by segregations who hype the myth of: ďMy religious club is holier than thouís!Ē

   As I sense it: Dueling religious clubs nurture Fear of Oneness, which is the ultimate antithesis of Who & What our heart & souls were created to live.

   Since kidhood, Iíve chosen to Go Godian.

   Itís so simple.

1)  No formal meetings as God & the Angels are always on-line & very user friendly. They never disconnect. Itís mortals who choose to hang up.

2)  Tithing doesnít supplement more golden gizmos or real estate buys or settling their molestation lawsuits, as tithing is honored as simply giving whatever one has to offer to whoever is in need, wherever the opportunity for giving & receiving occurs.

3)  By understanding God is everywhere & everything & especially radiating through our hearts, we are no longer self-restricted by believing God is only contact-able in a particular religious club building. Thus weíre free to communicate with God wherever we may be: in traffic, on the beach, in the shower, everywhere & anywhere. What a hoot! What a luvly liberation!

   Sure, there are no official holidays for a Godian like me, but when we live in the spirit of Luv & hope-filled possibilities, then everyday is a holiday & a celebration of life & discovery.

   This may not be the path for everyone, but Iím sure enjoying the journey.


   RAINBOW. I donít believe in any Race Game - politically or skin-wise. Itís too Fearish. RACE implies thereís one winner & the rest are losers ... not very luving.

   Considering past lives, I figure Iíve been a rainbow of body shades (though Iím not sure about mauve). Personally, I cannot understand (for the lives of me) the stress thatís placed on the shade of our body costumes. I figure itís probably Fear provoking people into believing they better degrade other people so they can live in the illusion of seeming better than one of their spiritual siblings. Poppycock.

   Colors are limiting. I never understood why I am categorized as white when Iím usually cream/peach & in the summer Iím sorta medium caramel.

   Possibly itís simply time for us to wake up from the Crayola Limitations of how Fear separates us. Time to cancel living within the limitation lines of Color-Me-Restricted. I donít sense much fun from that illusion.


   NADA: I affiliate with no limitation. Ergo! Iím not Republican nor Democrat. Iím not a left or right wing of any bird. Knowing show biz since kidhood, I suspect weíre not voting for the politician, but really for their speech writer, spinners & PR powers.

   Funny how "We The Government" candidates spend billions telling us what ďWe The People want to hearĒ, according to their latest pollsters & supporting lobbyist agendas, especially when their media promises are rarely fulfilled by the bureaucrats.

   Most politicians promise the moon yet serve Welfare cheese. Now, even the cheese is in jeopardy.

   Thatís why I created my own Party, The G.U.S. Party, as in Grassroots Unlimited Solutions, because I believe we all darn well deserve a Party that serves our hearts & nourishes hope & belief in our abilities.

   Itís up to all of us to host a Truth & Possibilities Party & to contribute to it without Fear. Rather, with luv for life & our unlimited potentiality for realizing what we are able to accomplish as a united team.

   I feel itís time for US to activate G.U.S because We The People have the natural & intuitive ability, individually & collectively, to create our necessary solutions for our homes, our communities & our global family.


   LIFE: I prefer to experience the passions of Life rather than be lectured to. I prefer to explore all that life constantly calls me to savor.

   I thank destiny, that I didnít have the time nor desire to attend art classes, plus advertising & marketing schools Ö otherwise I might not have enjoyed & profited from my extensive creative career. Professionally, in all ways, I prefer to win awards (even privately patting my own back for a creative challenge I championed) rather than stack up school degrees that could smother my inquisitive spirit... & please an art teacher rather than my soul.

  For me, Life In The Field & The lmprov Stage is a lot more fun than hanginí out in the green room while The Show is in progress.


   MY HEARTLAND. I live wherever my heart is jazzed with passion & fun. Iíve been a bag lady & Iíve lived in mansions & every variation in between. The common denominator is that Iím happy with me As-Is (as I accept others As-Is). So too, Iíve always held high hopes in my spirit & desire to repel the restrictions of life & style. Sure, Iíd luv to have a comfort zone home & travel but always have a safe heart-quarters 2 land & cuddle. Meanwhile, I live in my heart & residential Creation Station, a comfort home from which I can never be evicted.


   Inspire... encourage creative hope when possible because hope is the most endangered emotion on our planet! Bring a smile to as many people as possible. Share at least 15 hugs a day with good folks. Love, laugh, be nice & create! After all: WHEN WE GIVE Ė WE LIVE!

   We only discover how much we matter
when we help others discover how much they matter.