I was told that as a kid, I sang before I spoke words. I guess it could have been worse if I tap danced in Morse Code.

I luuuuv music! Probably a hangover from my prior lives. Example: I must have been a USO performer, 'cause even though I was born after WW2, I could sing all the songs written during the war though I never heard them sung. No wonder I spooked my mom! I guess I was singing along with a retro radio in my head.

As a kid, I had crushes on Igor Stravinsky, Leonard Bernstein, Victor Borge, Mel Torme, BB King & more. My mental male harem was all over the musical map.

Thus, I was well prepped for my pro career in the music game. Ergo! I free-lanced (what IS that? An unpaid sword?) Anyway, I free-lanced as an art director, artist, designer, copywriter & stylist for many record companies, including: RCA, Capital, Columbia & A&M.

Here's a sampling of my greatest & fun-est hits! Please enjoy as The Beat Goes On!