Since kidhood, I've rarely slept. My head was (& is) always over flowing with a never ending parade of thoughts, ideas, inventions & jokes. I figured that the only way to organize the creative carnival was to forever bed down with a nite lite, lotsa pens & stacks of paper. Ergo! Whenever a thought visited my head & woke me up, I bid a momentary farewell via writing it down for later use.

I once thought & wrote "Never jump on a bandwagon unless you know where the parade is headed"... in my bed-mode, at least I could kinda direct my playful parade.

Many years ago, I realized that a segment of my quickie thoughts were arriving in my mind's eye with images of cartoons in the shape of hearts. Eventually, I began illustrating & cataloguing them during my waking hours. I called them "Heartlites".

To date, I've created waaaay over a thousand different images & sayings that I want to translate into calendars, coffee mugs, T-shirts, fridge magnets, bookmarks, et cetera.

Here's a sampling. I hope they ignite your inner HeartLite!

ps: Hundreds of 'Heartlites" are still parade-ing through my mind... my little grey cells ought to set up a popcorn & balloon concession!