Welcome to my private stock of personal art.

I began painting at 7 with oils, then switched to water colours at 9 'cause I had no patience with waiting for the oils to dry.

It never occurred to me to read any "How To Draw" books or go to any art school. I just wanted to have fun, express the many emotions of my soul & please my spirit. I definitely did not think about creating as a way to please some teacher just to get a "good grade". Phooey!

I also had no thought that all of the avenues of art that I traveled would ever result in a later career! Guess I was too busy having fun to be psychic!

As I have said since kidhood: I just paint-by-number. Whenever I want to create, I say: Hi! God! What do we do today? Then my heart is lead to a canvas or a D'Arches Water Colour sheet. God draws the invisible lines & numbers & I just fill 'em in! Then I get to personally delight in the results. God is one fantabulous creative co-pilot!

I hope you enjoy this private sampling.