I figure we are all born as passionate beings (thank God!)... then society or our family or whatever, throws its 2 sense in & either encourages our natural instincts, distorts our desires, closets our curiosities, kills our joy, expands our sensual horizons or leaves us alone & says "Figure it out for yourself'". I landed in the last group.

In reflection, I figure I was passionate from the get-go. Even as a kid, I inwardly melted whenever I brushed up against a man's tweed suit sleeve or smelled his cologne. I was sensual at heart but had no idea what to do with it.

Heck! I walked away from a Warner Bros. contract when I was 16 because I refused to ever kiss a guy I didn't luv! I was also combing libraries for a book on "How To Kiss"... never found it! My Inner Nanny was forever on duty protecting my passion.

The safest sex I could experience was via painting & writing about my passions. Ergo! My paint brush & typewriter got a lot more action than I ever did!

"August Affair" is a compellation of 36 water colour paintings with Haiku poetry... it was my sweet catharsis story after an affair that went sour.

Though my luv life has been wacky (as I'm sure it is for many) I still believe in savoring sensuality, having fun with sex, being luvingly loyal & intertwining my passions with another special someone... one day.

Enjoy & savour!