One morning, as I was about to breakfast on 2 sunnyside-up eggs, I suddenly thought of the ol' Chicken & Egg question re which one came first. I laughed, thinking God probably created both at the same time to give them an equal heads-up.

   Then, I thought: what if chickens & eggs were buddies?  So, naturally, I scribbled cartoons with what crazy stuff they might say to each other. I called them "Egg Yokes". On a lark, I  checked out the Toronto telephone directory for a card company. I found Rustcraft & called to speak to the main guy or gal.

   When connected, I explained my scrambled ideas to the  head honcho. He set up a 1PM meeting to see my ruffs & copy.

   When we met, he viewed my stuff, then laughed & said he'd get back to me soon with a decision. By 4 PM he called & said "It's a go!"  I agreed to a one year deal with a mutual option pick-up.

   The sweet trusting fellow bi-passed market research via simply trusting his gut. I finished the art & copy jokes by our deadline. Why isn't it called a lifeline?

   They went to press & cards were selling in stores in 3 months. We all made a lotta buckaroonies! I was a bit disappointed as I wanted the cards to be cut as oval eggs, oh well. I also envisioned all the merchandise we could have created like: Colour-N place mats for breakfast chains,  brunch invite stuff & aprons for retail sales, even "Egg Yoke of the Day" coupons inside egg cartons.

   But at that time, Rustcraft Canada was very conservative. So, after a year. I did not sign up for a longer haul. I did not get scrambled! I did not crack up! I just investigated to see what I could get cookin'!

   Quickly, 2 ops appeared outta nowhere. The Ontario Egg Board called & ordered thousands of T-shirts to sell at Canada's national county fairs. The front of card became the front of shirt, the inside copy was printed on the back.

   They were a major big seller!!

   Then I got a call from CTV who produced "The Funny Farm" (a take off on America's "Hee Haw" show). They wanted to intro "Egg Yokes" as a comedy quickie segment for their weekly TV show.

   CTV asked me to write & direct the "Egg Yoke" quickies, plus design the wacky costumes. They were getting Rip Taylor, the confetti-tossing comedian, to play the chicken. Unfortunately, the show got cancelled before we were into production. That's Show Biz!

   Eventually, I got scrambled with a gazillion other projects, so I put my Egg Yokes back into their carton in my creative fridge. They have not cracked up & are still fresh to serve for a potential Egg & Poultry project!

   Here's a taste... Bon Appetit!  & May your life always be served Sunny Side Up!