I feel the heart is a waste of space if we don't activate it & generously share our luving energy with others.

Quality charities with honourable missions have ignited my spirit since the get-go. When I was 8, I joined a variety show group that entertained at various NYC hospitals ... one was a residential hospital for War Vets.

During one show our group presented, I experienced a personally heart-stroking moment. After I sang, danced & acted in a comedy sketch, I walked through the audience.

A nurse waved me over to her patient who was lying on a gurney. He told me his name was Dan. He then asked his nurse to hug me for him 'cause he couldn't ... he was a quadriplegic.

Dan asked me how old I was. I said "8". He said: "Oh my God! My daughter's 8th birthday is today. I don't get to see her 'cause my wife divorced me & took her away after the War wrecked  my body. My daughter loved to sing & dance. For a while, I pretended you were her singin' for me. That made me very happy! Thanks, kid!"

As his eyes sweetly connected with mine, I saw a glistening tear softly roll down his cheek as he smiled & luvingly winked at me ... & asked his nurse to hug me one more time for him.

What a life-awakening moment for me!

Needless to say, from that moment on my heart vowed to serve whatever I had so as to help whoever was in need ... whether the needing one was a friend, an honourable charity or a lost Vet needing to smile.

Here is a sampling of some of the charities I've donated my TNT to - my Time 'N Talent".  Enjoy!