Since my 7th year into kidhood in NYC, I was a pro performer (acting, singing, dancing, modeling ... the whole shtick).

Ergo! "Celebrities" surrounded my playground. Personally, there was "Uncle" Jackie Gleason & my "Aunties, Greer Garson & Elsa Maxwell ... but that's another story ... in fact it is! You can read about it in my book: "It Ain't Easy Makin' Life Tough - Street Savvy For Emotional WAIT Loss"

As an adult (whatever that is) I continued to travel the glitter carpet as an artist & writer. I met a lotta "Greats" & some who were not so great.

I was requested to create many portraits. I only accepted offers that jazzed my soul & ignited a karmic chemistry in my spirit.

Here is a small sampling of the many portraits that were commissioned by the personalities or by theatres wishing to honour them for record breaking audience attendance, like Harry Belafonte & Charles Aznavour for the O'Keefe Centre in Toronto, Canada.

There's also a photo of the portrait I painted for Linda & Paul McCartney after we all met in Martinique.

There's also more celeb pix in SHOWTIME that I created for TV, radio & stage ... Oh, my!

Hope you enjoy!