The publishers of this book, "Moi, Votre Enfant", had illustrations for their project cam-ready for print ... then we met. Suddenly they said: "Hold the presses! Can you create 55 illustrations in 5 days about baby development for our book?"

Internally, I quickly consulted my Art Angels & said: "No problemo! Just give me the co-ordinating copy, a very healthy advance check, some pablum & I'm set to go!"

That was a pressure cooker deal = 55 illustration in 5 days! What havoc did I wreck my heart with now?

I knew that I could not let myself luxuriate in sleep nor pasta noshing ... so I cat-napped on the floor near my drafting table, hugged my giant Eddy the Teddy Bear for comfort & binged on coffee.

Once again, (thank God!), I did not tarnish my clean record for never blowing a deadline. All art was delivered in 5 days! The publishers took me out to celebrate with a champagne brunch. After a few bites & several toasts, all I wanted to do was get my balance check, grab a cab go home & crash! ... & so I did.

The book was a great success. They were thrilled & I was well-rested. Doncha just luv it when a win\win deal connects!

Here is a sampling of those illustrations, hope you enjoy!